Hot Tub & Spa Services

Construction of commercial and semi-commercial concrete hot tubs and spas is our bread and butter. We can build any size and any shape of hot tubs using traditional concrete and tile spa building techniques - but also using artificial rock to create a natural look and feel paradise that no other company can offer!

We also can perform leak detection and repair on any commercial or residential hot tubs and spas. As specialists of hot tub water balancing and natural water chemistry contact us today with your hot tub questions. We can help you to understand your water chemistry and explore options to reduce your chemical exposure, or we can simply do it for you which means all you need to do is enjoy the perfectly clean and balanced water.

Commercial Hot Tubs

If you have a concrete hot tub in your condo building or semi-commercial and it needs repair then call Green Pools at 1-888-818-POOL and ask to speak with Steve Goodale, owner and operator of green pools. We can help you renovate and repair your spa or design a new hot tub construction project with you.

Acrylic Hot Tub Sales & Service

Whether you are looking to buy a new acrylic spa or repair the one you have you can be sure that Green Pools can help you get the project done quickly and on budget. If you already know the hot tub that you want to buy whether is it an Arctic spa, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Hydropool or any other brand be sure to call us. We can get the spa that you want for cheaper than you can get it yourself. Plus we can help make sure your yard is ready by the time the hot tub shows up!